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Rishikesh is an exotic international village for many experts spirituals in Uttarajhand India. Rishikesh knows well as Tapo Bhumi and it’s an excellent placy1e for Yoga meditation. Rishikesh is standing close near holy Ganga River that has special crystal and holy water for many people and spiritual seeker. Rishikesh becomes a popular place for many spiritual seekers and surrounded the city of temples. The word Rishikesh means the city of saints. Rishikesh come based on Hindu mythology that sage Rishi raibhya sit on the Ganga River and perform penance in the form yoga exercise. When Lord Vishnu appeared he was rewarded of Rishikesh and gives the place name with present name. The saint meditated in a peaceful spot with Soar Mountain and the sacred of the Ganga River. In nine centuries, Adi Shankaracharya was traveled on this land and gave heighten sense of sacredness. The Rishikesh becomes the first step stone and destination for many holy shrines and cities stretching across the Himalayan area.

Rishikesh becomes popular Yoga city across in India. There is an international yoga festival in Rishikesh on every March 1st  – 7th. Many yoga teacher and spiritual seeker around the world came to universal spirit celebration in Rishikesh. In 1960, Rishikesh come to Western countries by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. Many people come to Rishikesh in order to learn and practice yoga, meditation and rejuvenate exercise as well. Rishikesh is famous place for foreigner who visited India. Many foreigners can see spiritual events likes washing away karma in Ganga River, offering pujas and watch aarti. They came to Rishikesh to look for spiritual wellness.



If you are planning travel to Rishikesh, there is Jolly Grant airport 18 Km from Rishikesh city. Many visitors can enjoy the present charter plane service at the airport.


Rishikesh has great access for railway transportation. Rishikesh can reach from any big city around India such as; Delhi, Bombay, Howrah, Agra, Lucknow and Hardwar city by train.


If you plan to visit Rishikesh city, you can reach it through roadway transport. There is a large road transport service available in the Rishikesh.


Rishikesh has temperature about 34.6 Celsius up to 40 Celsius in summer session and around 15.3 Celsius up to 30.2 Celsius in winter session.


When it is coming to summer session, it is recommended to wear cotton clothes and woolen clothes in winter session. Rishikesh is perfect place to visit at any time. Rishikesh is an exotic spiritual city for yoga and meditation exercise which have 11.22 square km and 356 m or 1190 feet altitude. With 85,000 populations, Rishikesh becomes a crowded city for the international spiritual city.